The Volcano
Lonquimay Volcano, which in Mapuche means "dense forest", is one of the main attractions of the Malalcahuello National Reserve. Corralco ski resort is located on one of its slopes and its wide plains are ideal for backcountry skiing.

During its history the volcano has had three eruptions, in 1887, 1933 and the most recent, on December 25, 1988, product of which the Navidad Crater was created. For the tranquility of all the inhabitants and tourists of the Malalcahuello and Curacautín area, the volcano is monitored daily from the volcanological center of Temuco.

Its 2,865 meters above sea level, place it in the third of the highest volcanic peaks of the Andean Araucanía circuit, which has made it a must for Chilean and foreign mountaineers. Its ascent has an approximate duration of 5 hours, being necessary in the last third the use of crampons to reach the summit. For those who have an advanced level of skiing or snowboarding, the descent in winter season can be done skiing up to the hotel.

The impressive open view of its summit allows you to contemplate 10 different volcanoes in the area, including Navidad, a small active massif at 1,600 meters high, Villarrica, Llaima, Lanín, Tolhuaca, Copahue, Quetrupillán and Callaqui, among others.