Ancient araucarias
At the foot of Lonquimay volcano lies a forest of araucarias, unique in Chile and the world, endemic species to our country, which can only be found in some areas of the Andes, over a thousand meters above sea level.

Known by the Mapuche as Pehuén, it is a tree species that only grows in the extreme northwest of Argentine Patagonia and in the center-south of Chile. In 1976, it was declared a natural monument in our country and since then it has been protected and prohibited from being cut down.

Slowly growing, in the area it is possible to observe araucarias that are 1000 years old and over 50 meters high. Its seeds, called piñones, have a high nutritional value and are an essential element in the diet of the Pehuenche and Mapuche peoples. Piñones can also be enjoyed in the restaurant and bar of Corralco, where our chef makes different preparations based on this desired fruit.