Flora & Fauna
The forest of araucarias, lengas, ñirres and coihues located at the foot of Lonquimay volcano are the haven for an extensive variety of mammals, birds and reptiles.

In the immensity of this virgin nature live pumas (cougar), zorros culpeo (foxes) and chilla (gray fox), small rodents called tunducos and scary wild hares. In the middle of the trees, we can find nests for woodpeckers, magellanic horned owls and a great diversity of small birds such as choroyes (parakeets), aguiluchos (hawks), traros (southern caracara) and chucaos that with their song warn the presence of predators.

The Malalcahuello National Reserve has become one of the few remaining refuges for the protection of endemic species that are seriously threatened and at risk of extinction. The majestic and enormous Andean condor, the imposing puma and the pudú, one of the smallest deers in the world, have found their home here.

Corralco is immersed in this unique and fascinating ecosystem, discover its beauty and help us preserve it.